Android Engineering

Xewli’s Android Engineering team is a technology group dedicated to developing and maintaining custom variants of the Android stack, device ports, accessories and applications for the Android platform.

It consists of Software Engineers (SWEs) and Cyber Security Consultants.

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Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

Android is an open source software project for mobile devices led by Google. Our team builds custom variants of Android to port to new devices, support new functionality or restrict operations to meet the needs of businesses and user groups. With a focus for usability and security, our team provides through-life support and patching.


Secure Remote & Mobile Working

We design, build and support on-premise or cloud-hosted remote working solutions and provide guidance for organisations deploying a range of end user device platforms (not just Android). We integrate third party products for a complete solution to meet communication and working needs.


Mobile Device Management

This team builds tools for every user, to manage every kind of Android device in any industry. Our software gives organisations full management control over the devices they own; or separate work and personal apps on employee-owned devices; or provide simple workflows for configuring dedicated devices for a fixed set of tasks.