We develop software to deliver an exponential improvement to tangible problems.


  • We’re not satisfied with discovering small efficiencies or tweaking code to achieve modest gains - incremental improvement is guaranteed to become obsolete over time.
  • Order of magnitude improvement requires rethinking problems entirely, exploring the edges of what is technically possible.

What does being innovative mean to us?

  • Not accepting limitations, but believing better is possible.
  • Striving for 10x improvements.
  • Thinking outside the box - what new or old/forgotten technologies and approaches, not conventionally applied to the problem, might make a difference?
  • Asking why. Challenging the users requirements: what is really driving them? Is the user limiting themselves based on their own experience?

What makes us successful?

  • We don't give up. Failures are expected: our experience and knowledge comes as much from failure as it does from success, if not more.
  • We are not afraid to change direction. If we've invested a year of time and effort building a solution but identify a completely different approach that is 10x better, we'll pivot.
  • We use the scientific method to inform decision making. We form hypotheses, gather empirical data that provide evidence for or against our hypotheses, and then make conclusions and generate new hypotheses.
  • We aren't limited by timesheet charge codes. We invest our own time and money, and we return to past problems as our experiences and knowledge grow.
  • We tackle hard problems all of the time: our confidence grows and it gives us the courage to fight through when projects get tough.

Who do we want in our team?

  • Intelligent, optimistic people who are confident enough in their abilities to contribute to the debate, but not arrogant that they discourage the contribution of others.
  • People who enjoy diving in to unfamiliar technologies.


27 Harrison Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, UK, HX1 2AF